Make  Care In A Reality

JMV making an imperative innovation towards electrical safety, the world needs today. We are manufacturing to meet your needs to protect residential and industrial buildings. We provide earthing system, lightning protection system and "Surge protection devices" to flee against any surges extant in the electrical system. We oversee the designing, solution as per prerequisite and supply installation of the protection equipments. We are also impending our expertise team in product testing as well.
We transmit finest services in public organizations and government networks. Also, we grant our products in distinct industries or sectors; solution in Railways, Metro rail, signalling and telecommunication, oil and gas, air and naval, real estate, solar and Hesbs, smart cities  and etc.   JMV furnish certified devices as per globally based electrical safety standards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

JMV work area  that add value to it's Quality Objectives