Lightning Protection System

In this contemporary world, the high-rise structures like buildings, chimneys, hospitals, airports, hotels  and towers etc., adding a new trend in the modern lifestyle. But these height of structures are inviting the risk of lightning strikes. For the purpose of protection, lightning protection system is the only solution. We offer the lightning protection system that recommended by NBC 2016 and IS/IEC 62305. Lightning protection system consists three main elements i.e., Air terminal, Down conductor and Earth termination system. We deliver the protection to the highest points and edges of the buildings. A risk assessment procedure - the software is duly available on our website that provides  the accurate results. Lightning protection system can be designed by following three methods such as protection angle method, mesh method and rolling sphere method. We also serve the additional accessories for proper fixing of lightning protection system which is tested as per IEC 62561 series.

Lightning Protection System Products