Surge Protection Devices

The unusual or abrupt flow of current and  transients in voltage are termed as surges. The sudden jerk  of current or voltage spike will deteriorate the electric circuits or electric equipment. Surges can be caused via direct or indirect lightning strikes and over-voltages etc. We at JMV, design "surge protection devices"(SPDs) that work as a protector which defends the electronic components or devices against transients and surges. SPDs are generally implanted parallel with the main circuit or devices. IEC 62305-4 is the complying standard for the SPDs installation, also recommended by the NBC 2016 Standard. JMV manufactures the surge protection devices that can work on both ac and dc power. We supply these SPDs in numerous industries with less maintenance that grant long durability of the same.

AC Power Surge Protection Device
Solar Surge Protection devices
Dataline Surge Protection Devices
Telecom Surge Protection Devices
Security & Surveillance Surge Protection Devices
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