JMV is a Company Of Quality

We assure the quality of the products we manufacture. In our organization, we built a product testing laboratory that examine the component  in all parameters as per the client requirement. We uphold the appropriate machines and devices to calculate the performance time of the product. Also, we measure the mandatory standards should be used for the construction to grant definite results. We examine earthing, lightning protection and surge protection products etc. JMV is the one only organization who is having a testing laboratory for products at 200kA.

We Conduct Numerous Test to ensure the working ability of our products such as  Short-circuit current behavior, Mechanical Strength test, Front Wire Spark, Voltage Terminals and connections, Identification and Marking, Testing of protection against direct current ,Mounting, Protective Enclosure (IP Code), and Dielectric Withstand etc.           

We Proceed Test in Many Parameters to identify the strength of our products i.e.,  Environment Test        (involve High Temperature and Humidity ,Heat Resistance), Current Limiting Test (in terms of Rated Current, Series Resistance, Current Response Time, Maximum Interrupting Voltage and Operating Duty Test). In insulation pierced connections, we examine two tests first one is pull out test for single core conductor and secondly, the pull out test for multi core conductor. In Voltage and Current Limiting test, there is MCOV and rated current test are involved.

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