Assuring the electrical safety of high-rise buildings.

Heighted buildings, superstructure, airport towers, hospital, residential and office buildings are creating a new big world today. Thus, this big structures are also welcoming the risk of life and property loss from direct lightning strikes. JMV eliminates this danger by providing the lightning protection solution along with the earthing system to defend the structures from electrical discharges.  Also, we care about the commercial buildings expenditure which is very high and for the purposes of safety with  look sustenance,  JMV offers the structural lightning protection system (an ideal verdict of reliable integrated earth termination system). We deliver the detailed and factual results by calculating the risk factor through risk assessment software which is available on our website and it's free to use. The products which we deliver in this industry is manufactured as per NBC 2016, IS 3043, IS/IEC 62305 and IEC 62561 so on.